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CRAY CRAY [feat. Mark Steller]

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Do you know
what you do

you drive me crazy

I didn’t know
had no clue

the things that I would do

Oh I like Yes I love
hearing angels from above

Oh I like yes I love
to hear your voice up an octave

Cray Cray

You make me crazy
you put me in a trance
You drive me crazy
when you offer up the chance

You drive me Cray Cray…Crazy (Repeat)

Scream and pull, kiss and bite
Its One on one babe you and i

Sweat and push, lick and like
Just you and me babe all night

so You like my view
Let’s have some fun
Like Brian T sings
(Gotta) Get that body movin

Watch me whip my hair
While I Shake these hips
[for you] Can feel my heat
As you press on this

Are you feeling the passion?
How far will you go?
your dominant action
controls my submissive flow

You drive me mad…

I’ve got no chance
against your super power
You’re my kryptonite at any hour

What have you done
you unleashed a monster
Can’t get enough your words my piper

So what do I do
this insatiable thirst
It’s building up the pipes about to burst.