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Neath the City Light [feat. J’alvarez]

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Verse 1:
A single soul in the evening
Having pulled myself through the day
See so many others just like me
Nowhere to go, but going anyway
They carve out a place from the darkness
But the hole in their heart’s there to stay

‘Neath the city lights

Verse 2:
I’d think it’d be hard to feel lonely
With so many places to be
And each pinpoint its own invitation
Shining for everyone to see
Behind every point is a story
And a part may be waiting for me
‘Neath the city lights

‘Neath the city lights

i Spent all summer
Growing closer to shades and illusions
And distracted
By the flickering ghosts I’ve been watching so long
And how could i ever
Could I ever hope to survive
Thinking I’m fine
Just marking time
And barely alive?

Verse 3:
So this is the path that I’ve chosen
With its risk and its dangers unknown
Going out toward those points in the distance
Looking behind them on my own
And every clean, well-lighted place
May be where what I hope for’s overthrown
But it’s better than being alone

‘Neath the city lights
‘Neath the city lights

Chorus Adlib:
I can’t tell you
Where I’ll be but maybe I’ll find you
As we cast our better selves
Into the night