Sound Architecture – Noiz of the Future

Since You Left

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Verse 1:
winter is my blanket
the memories I forget
this bed is so cold now
Ever since you left

My life is so different
Im feeling like a wreck
I’m torn by emotions
Ever since you left

Verse 2:
My world is but a dark cloud
I’m shackled by bereft now
Nothing matters anymore
you took your love out the door

i cry myself to sleep now
i’m questioning myself how
Nothing matters anymore
its nothing like it was before


on the edge of a cliff and im thinking about it
theres noones there to stop me

the thoughts of pain swirl in my mind
and it hurts, and it hurts,
that you dont want me

im screaming in my head head head
feeling like I’m dead dead dead

im begging you why why why
I’m dying inside side side

I’m drowning in my pain pain pain
The fear in me reigns reigns reigns

I’ve laid myself to rest rest rest
Ever since you left left left