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The Artist behind the Beats

Published October 1, 2015 in Behind the Beats - 0 Comments

The woman behind the beats: Zajah. Her musical style is very unique, memorable and catchy. She aims high with every song produced and is continuously growing stronger with each new song. Her musical flavor is inspired by 80’s music but with a futuristic design. Along with her talent for the ivory keys, actually she uses a digital keyboard, she has a very unique voice and style of singing too.

Zajah is not one to flaunt or exploit her personal life and story but she is hubrious about her being and the journey she has taken to get this far in life. She is very excited to go very far and believes that her footprints will inspire, help and guide others to follow their dreams. She believes if she can do this, then really, anyone can – You must use ambition and determination to reach your destiny.

Not only is Zajah the producer, one of the singers and composer of boyMONROE, she also does all of the graphical designs for the albums, photos and website. She is truly a woman of many hats. Talented, creative, artistic and inspiring, Zajah makes forth a path for future talented female artists.